Radiant Barrier

Ecoattics is excited to offer Radiant Barrier to protect your largest investment – your home. Radiant Barrier specifically helps your air conditioning system to be more effective by preventing radiant heat from entering the attic. Radiant heat is the primary enemy of all air conditioners.  Reducing the amount of radiant heat that is entering the attic allows your air conditioning system to operate more efficiently. Radiant heat is the type of heat that is absorbed by your insulation, but not stopped. Radiant Barrier is 97% effective in eliminating radiant heat. Ecoattics offers your home the best protection from heat in the summer by installing Radiant Barrier on the rafters of your attic.

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About Ecoattics

At Ecoattics, we are focused on providing affordable solutions and professional services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction! Our inspiration came from talking to frustrated homeowners who complained about the ever increasing cost of energy. We realized that we can save homeowners money by improving the efficiency of their home, starting with their attic. Ecoattics was started to solve a common problem: how to minimize the heat lost from a warm home in the winter, and heat gained into a cool home in the summer. The primary place of heat loss and heat gain is through the ceiling and roof.

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