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Smart Attic Packages

Our Smart Attic Package is a fully renovated energy efficient attic that will protect your home from any of the outside environmental hazardous and save you money every month for years to come. It will make your home the most comfortable, most energy efficient home with amazing air quality. Our Smart Attic Packages will last you a lifetime because we warranty our work with yearly home efficiency evaluations. Call today to schedule your appointment.

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Smart Crawlspace Packages

Our Smart Crawlspace Package is a completely renovated crawlspace on a raised foundation. A raised foundation is a large factor in controlling air infiltration, heat loss and heat gain throughout the year. Our trained professionals make your crawlspace energy efficient and protect your home from the outside elements. We stop heat and ac loss, dirty air from entering your home, and help prevent mold and odor from leaking into your home.

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About Ecoattics

At Ecoattics, we are focused on providing affordable solutions and professional services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction! Our inspiration came from talking to frustrated homeowners who complained about the ever increasing cost of energy. We realized that we can save homeowners money by improving the efficiency of their home, starting with their attic. Ecoattics was started to solve a common problem: how to minimize the heat lost from a warm home in the winter, and heat gained into a cool home in the summer. The primary place of heat loss and heat gain is through the ceiling and roof.

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